Game Traveller’s Tale – Version 0.04 [Cloudlet] Free Download

What would happen if a person suddenly started hearing thoughts, influencing minds and seeing things they shouldn’t be able to see? How would one react to these unexpected and quite handy powers? Learning to control it, corrupting everyone they see, world dominance or maybe… It’s up to you to decide what happens. One thing is clear – this town holds a lot of secrets and you’ve got just the right set of tools to unveil them.

Date: 29.02.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.04
Censored: No

Extract and run Traveller’s Tale.exe

Version 0.04:
What’s new:
Action for Nicole – ~100 renders, 2 animations.
Content tracker – accessible from the new phone button. Shows what you’ve seen, what you haven’t and gives a vague idea of where to look for missing parts.
2/3 of the update is coding, preparations for new events, jobs, mechanics.

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