Game Lancaster Boarding House – Final Version [Daniels K] Free Download

Here it is! The demo of the new project that I’m working on will be available to everyone and you can find it right here, a bit lower…
Since this is a demo version changes can and most likely will be made in the coming updates but I think it does a good job of presenting the characters and building up “reputation” for the main character (you). There is already a sex scene present and more will come soon.

Date: 17.01.2019
Language: English
Version: Full
Censored: No

1. Uncompress the files using 7Zip/WinRar
2. Start LancasterBoardingHouse.exe

The final version brings four different endings, one with Abigail, one with Anna, one with Lisa and one where you fail (or don’t want) to end up with any of the girls. Over 250 new images and three video animations! There’s also a new girl for the ritual squeezed in there for you to “explore” if you wish. As usual for the endings you will need to meet certain conditions like having enough “nice”, “manly” or “jerk” stats. All the requirements will be explained in the walkthrough.

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