Game Ghost in the Sheets – First Version [Deus Ex Vagina] Free Download

Ghost in the Sheets is my cyberpunk noir themed visual novel centering around former special forces and police officer Moira. Ever since she quit the force she’s been looking for a purpose and willingly jumps on the chance when her old comrade tries to bring the crew back together in the hunt of a rich fuck’s missing daughter.

Date: 15.08.2019
Language: English
Version: 1.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Intro and Chapter 1:
– 6 sound tracks, 3 of that my own
– 96 renders
– 5 crew members
– 3 NPCs so far (mostly exposition in this chapter, but expect all three to become regular characters throughout the story)
– 2 sex scenes
– Several logical branches that lead to the same finale in different ways with some variables that will become more important later on in the story.
– Changed the name to “Synths of the Past” and giggled a lot.

Tags: Animation, Beautiful Ass, Deus Ex Vagina, Erotic Adventure, Hardcore Sex, Male Protagonist, Ren’py, Seduction, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Visual Novel