Game Detective Girl of the Steam City – Version 1.04 [Clymenia/Kagura Games] Free Download

Detective Girl of the Steam City is the story of Sophie, a private investigator not unlike Sherlock Holmes. It’s up to Sophie to uncover the mysteries of the Steam City through her investigations. What mysteries and intrigue await her? Find out in this Steam Punk RPG!​

Date: 19.07.2019
Language: English
Version: 1.04
Censored: No

1 – Extract to location
2 – Run Game.exe

v2 Patch notes:
– Various text and tile fixes
– Shortened game title bar, moved controls to in-game manual
– Pointless key functionality removed to avoid confusion
– Opening logos can now be skipped with a button press
v3 patch notes:
– Various text and tile fixes
– Fixed virginity switch in recollection room not working as intended
– Reworded vague quest objective in A New Mask
– Fixed a few chests in the slums that had a mind of their own

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