Game Crisis Point: Extinction – New Version 0.42 [Anon42] Free Download

In the distant future, mankind has gained the ability to travel through the stars. With the limitations of Earth no longer confining them, exploration naturally followed. In their haste to finally traverse the galaxy, however, they failed to fully prepare for what awaited them. The end result of this was the entire population of mankind being silently infected with a virus that specifically attacks the Y chromosome, leading to all children being born female.
In light of this unusual disease, scientists around the world immediately began searching for a cure. Despite its non-fatal nature they knew that, should the virus be left untreated, humankind would eventually die off with no way for future generations to reproduce.
After nearly a decade of research, only one conclusion was found: if there was a solution, it was not found on Earth. With the male population already starting a slow decline, they took to the stars once again, sending scouting parties of equal parts military and scientists to dozens of planets in the hopes of finding a cure. For several years, their attempts came up empty – until recently. Audio and video feed with one scouting party was abruptly cut off just as they excitedly announced that a solution had been found. All attempts to contact them failed, and it was decided that a small cruiser with only a few personnel would depart for the planet immediately in an attempt to reconnect with them as soon as possible.
Meet Alicia.
A talented military soldier, Alicia was chosen to lead the rescue party. She will be sent to this planet to investigate the cause of the communications disruption, and to make contact with the crew.. assuming they’re still alive.
With over 30 planned, animated sprite H-scenes, CGs drawn by LustFire, a breast expansion mechanic that alters every sprite sex scene in the game, and fully voiced Game Over scenes, there’s plenty of H-content to see – all paired with classic Metroidvania gameplay. Explore an alien planet, collect upgrades for both traversal and your weaponry, and save as many people as you can.

Date: 03.01.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.42
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Crisis Point Extinction.exe” to start playing.

-Added lots more areas to explore and secrets to find around the game world
-Rework Boss 3 from the ground up
-Added Kertalus CG (missing Birch voice acting for now)
-Finished H-scene animation between Lucas and Verreda
-Re-added Lucas Atticor voice acting with his new actor, Leo Greystone
-Fixed more bugs and issues

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