Game Brothel City – Version 1.1 [Darot Games] Free Download

Our first project – Brothel City – is a unique adult city-builder game. We think a game should challenge the player even if it is an adult product – thus you’ll need to master the city-building part of the game to issue corrupting decrees and unlock adult illustrations.
In Brothel City you will not find any images stolen from the Internet or soulless rendered pictures – every illustration in the game was created by our artists specially for this game.

Date: 08.09.2019
Language: English, Russian
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on BrothelCity.exe to start playing.

* Some decrees (9 by now, but we are working on adding more) have special animated versions that are displayed at the place where something happens (Prostitute seduces a client, or Sister of Charity prays).
Please, provide your valuable feedback about them – would you like to see more of those in the game?
* 57 new sprites – first of all, we have a huge interface update – all the buildings, land, trees, bushed, roads, etc. are re-worked and improved.
Some remained their appearance, some received totally new skins.
We are sure the game looks much better now and wait for your confirmation of this though 🙂
* 48 new illustrations and lots of plot texts in the Campaign mode. Hope you’ll enjoy the continue of the story and our first try of moving a player between TWO cities at the same time – we would like to see if you have any ideas of how to use it in future.
* Segments of the road where no one steps for a long time now become older and disappear at all if remains untouched even more longer.
* Now you can track the in-game time and date in both Campaign and Free modes.
* Now you can see the ‘kissing animation’ when you receive EXP points.
* Huntresses fixed – now they enter the game with Shyness 2, not 0.
* Aristocrats fixed – now they provide extra gold depending on gold earned during last day, not on the amount of gold you have.
* Now you can track money earned by Casinos as a separate number in the financial report.
* Now the game has a loading screen that appears when you have to load something.
* Bunny Girl functionality tweaked – before it was bugged giving you enormous earnings or loses.
* Hold a cursor above Gold tab to see when and how much tribute you’ll pay.
* It is impossible now to place Huntress’ trap on another trap –
* Now you can track how much gold have you earned during all the game – place a cursor above the gold tab to check it.
* Bug fixed – before you could have the 5th level with Factions before the construction of your first Hotel is finished.
* Now you’ll have no Autopause after you confirm the repair of a building.
* It is impossible anymore to have any number of some buildings – every building in the game now has a construction radius.
* Factions screen optimized a little bit – buttons moved to the top, descriptions to the bottom.

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