Game Adventures at Magic Academy – Release 5.1 [Super Simian] Free Download

Adventures at Magic Academy is a science fantasy, adult visual novel and dating sim. You take on the role of Yuuto Kazama in a modern world where magic exists. The old ways of casting have mostly been abandoned, mages favouring technology to handle the casting of magic for them. Control Yuuto’s actions as you attend Ravenwood Academy as an undercover agent and attempt to stop terrorist organisations from causing chaos.​

Date: 19.10.2019
Language: English
Version: Release 5.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Release 5.1
Mary now has a “Train” option that serves as way to train Combat without going through her scene.
Increased stat gain slightly for the various stat gain activities.
Release 5
I’ve introduced a stat decay mechanic. If you haven’t trained a stat in 7 days, it gets reduced by 2. I’ll be adding more content to the various ways of earning stats so it’s not just going to be grinding, but experiencing interactions with various characters. Fubuki for swimming, Mary and Rei for combat, a couple of side characters for strength and stamina etc. Look out for these in future updates.
Lastly, I’m still slowly converting the old images to use the new lighting. Obviously this takes away time from making new content so I’ve focused on new stuff but I’d like a consistent experience for new players.
3 events added
Doggy scene added (requires over 90 combat stat)
Against Wall scene added (will be made repeatable next release)
4 events added
Cowgirl scene added (will be made repeatable next release)
-2 stat decrease every 7 days. Timer is reset if you train that stat.

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